Mortality in Acromegaly: A Metaanalysis

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Context:Several studies have assessed mortality risk in patients treated for acromegaly. All studies found a mortality that was higher than expected for the general population, but most of these increases were not statistically significant. For this reason, it is not formally established whether mortality in acromegaly is different from the general population.Objective:The objective of the study was to address the all-cause mortality risk in patients with acromegaly.Design:The study was a metaanalysis.Methods:Sixteen studies on mortality in patients with acromegaly were included. The principal outcome of the metaanalysis was the weighted average of the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) of all studies. In addition, we performed a subgroup analysis of studies in which more than 80% of the patients were treated by transsphenoidal approach.Results:The weighted mean of the SMR from all 16 studies was 1.72 (95% confidence interval 1.62-1.83). In studies with transsphenoidal surgery as the primary therapy, the weighted mean of the SMR was 1.32 (95% confidence interval 1.12-1.56).Conclusions:This metaanalysis shows increased all-cause mortality in acromegalic patients, compared with the general population, even after transsphenoidal surgery.

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