Subconjunctival hemorrhage and conjunctivochalasis.

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OBJECTIVESubconjunctival hemorrhage (SCH) is a relatively common disease, but there have been no reports concerning the relationship between SCH and conjunctivochalasis (CCh). We compared the grade of CCh between patients with SCH and control patients.METHODSGrade of each CCh parameter and location of SCH.RESULTSThe mean grade of CCh was higher in patients with SCH than in control patients at the nasal (P<0.00001), middle (P<0.00001), and temporal areas (P<0.00001). The downward gaze- or digital pressure-dependent changes of CCh and the frequency of superficial punctate keratitis were all increased in SCH patients compared with control patients (P<0.00001, P<0.00001, and P = 0.00106, respectively). The number of areas involved by SCH and the presence of SCH in each area were positively correlated with the grade of each CCh-related parameter (P<0.05).CONCLUSIONSThis was the first assessment of the grade of CCh in a large series of consecutive patients with SCH. Our results strongly suggest that CCh may have an important role in the pathogenesis of SCH.

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