Fetal transfusion: the spectrum of clinical research in the past year

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Purpose of reviewOur goal is to review recent articles that examine the current state of fetal transfusion therapy from technique to education.Recent findingsEven as technology facilitates physicians' diagnosis and treatment of rare disorders requiring fetal transfusion therapy, longstanding questions remain such as the use of intravascular versus intraperitoneal transfusion sites. However, the recent progress seen with molecular techniques, disease markers, and mathematical models demonstrates that despite unanswered questions, there is much to be hopeful about in improving our understanding of fetal transfusions and their application to a variety of diseases.SummarySystematic and collaborative approaches to studying low-frequency disorders treatable by fetal transfusions are necessary. Continued refinement of techniques should improve the timeliness and accuracy of diagnosis, as well as assist in determining the appropriate timing, site, and duration of treatments.

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