Unilateral Osteotomies for External Bony Deviation

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Objective:Deviated nose is a challenge for rhinoplasty surgeons. We applied a new technique to correct nasal bone asymmetry in selected patients. We assessed the efficacy of the technique and discussed the surgical outcomes.Methods:We retrospectively analyzed 29 patients with deviated nose who received unilateral osteotomy alone or unilateral osteotomy with camouflage graft placement to the other side of the nose. Preoperative and postoperative photographs were studied to evaluate the outcomes.Results:Twenty-nine unilateral osteotomies were done. Camouflage grafting was performed to 20 of the 29 patients. Nasal humps were removed in all patients. No postoperative complications occurred during the follow-up period. Twenty-six of 29 deviated noses were corrected with unilateral osteotomy.Conclusions:The unilateral osteotomy technique seems to be a useful method for correcting deviated nose.

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