Concerto Pin: A Novel Concept of Cochlear Implant Fixation

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ObjectiveThe Concerto Pin is a new cochlear implant system, designed by Med-El to require minimally invasive surgery and to allow greater positional flexibility in its fixation on the skull. The aim of this study was to measure the load needed to displace the implant from a human skull.Study DesignThis was a laboratory investigation under controlled conditions at the Department of Anatomy, Histology und Embryology, Innsbruck Medical University.MethodsUsing the manufacturer’s surgical guidelines, a Concerto Pin cochlear implant was fixed to a fresh skull from a human cadaver. Load was applied to the body of the implant at different positions and measured with a mechanical force gauge.ResultsThe maximum load of 100N did not cause dislocation of the implant from its position or fracture of the pins.ConclusionThe Concerto Pin fixation method for cochlear implants provides a secure skull attachment with a direct mechanical connection between implant and bone. It requires less drilling and no tie-down sutures; surgery should therefore be quicker and less invasive.

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