Simultaneous Characterization of Somatic Events and HPV-18 Integration in a Metastatic Cervical Carcinoma Patient Using DNA and RNA Sequencing

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ObjectiveIntegration of carcinogenic human papillomaviruses (HPVs) into the host genome is a significant tumorigenic factor in specific cancers including cervical carcinoma. Although major strides have been made with respect to HPV diagnosis and prevention, identification and development of efficacious treatments for cervical cancer patients remains a goal and thus requires additional detailed characterization of both somatic events and HPV integration. Given this need, the goal of this study was to use the next generation sequencing to simultaneously evaluate somatic alterations and expression changes in a patient’s cervical squamous carcinoma lesion metastatic to the lung and to detect and analyze HPV infection in the same sample.Materials and MethodsWe performed tumor and normal exome, tumor and normal shallow whole-genome sequencing, and RNA sequencing of the patient’s lung metastasis.ResultsWe generated over 1.2 billion mapped reads and identified 130 somatic point mutations and indels, 21 genic translocations, 16 coding regions demonstrating copy number changes, and over 36 genes demonstrating altered expression in the tumor (corrected P < 0.05). Sequencing also revealed the HPV type 18 (HPV-18) integration in the metastasis. Using both DNA and RNA reads, we pinpointed 3 major events indicating HPV-18 integration into an intronic region of chromosome 6p25.1 in the patient’s tumor and validated these events with Sanger sequencing. This integration site has not been reported for HPV-18.ConclusionsWe demonstrate that DNA and RNA sequencing can be used to concurrently characterize somatic alterations and expression changes in a biopsy and delineate HPV integration at base resolution in cervical cancer. Further sequencing will allow us to better understand the molecular basis of cervical cancer pathogenesis.

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