Angiolipoma of the Orbit: A Rare Tumor in an Unusual Location

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Despite their relatively frequent occurrence on the trunk and extremities, lipomas rarely present in the orbit. Rarer still are variants of lipoma such as fibrolipoma, myxoid lipoma, and angiolipoma. The authors report a 66-year-old woman who presented with a large, slowly growing tumor of the forehead and orbit. The case presentation conforms to the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki and is HIPAA compliant. Clinical and radiographic evidence suggested a lipomatous type of tumor, and excisional biopsy revealed adipose proliferation with numerous small vessels and fibrin thrombi consistent with angiolipoma. The tumor was completely excised without ophthalmic sequelae or recurrence in 6 months of follow up. To the authors’ knowledge, this tumor represents only the second reported case of this type of highly vascularized lipomatous lesion within the orbit. This case is a novel entity in the differential diagnosis of orbital tumors and demonstrates the value of total excision in such cases.

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