Treatment outcomes of adolescents with Iselin’s apophysitis

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This study assessed the presentations and outcomes of patients treated for Iselin’s apophysitis. A total of 27 patients with Iselin’s apophysitis were retrospectively analyzed for presentation, treatment, and clinical outcome. The mean age of presentation was 11.5 years (range: 9.2–15 years). All patients played sports, and their symptomatic severity and acuity varied. Treatments included rest, footwear modification, use of a controlled ankle movement boot, and use of a post-op shoe. Treatment lasted for an average of 24 days (range: 14–33 days), and the average time to return to play was 38 days (range: 14–53 days). All cases healed, with three reinjuries and no nonunions. Six cases were initially misdiagnosed as a fracture or tendonitis, indicating the need for further education on the diagnosis and natural history of Iselin’s apophysitis.

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