Sheehan's syndrome: new insights into an old disease.

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Sheehan's syndrome (SS) is a parturition-related pituitary disease resulting from severe postpartum hemorrhage and can present with varying degrees of pituitary insufficiency. Pathological and clinical findings of SS were first described by Harold L. Sheehan in the previous century. Although his definitions are still valid, various studies and reports including new data have subsequently been published. Additionally, the diagnosis of SS has often been overlooked and thus delayed for long years due to its nonspecific signs and symptoms. Therefore, a large number of patients may be remained undiagnosed and untreated. SS is not as rare as assumed in developed countries, probably due to migrant women and unawareness of physicians regarding the syndrome. In this review, we provide a detailed review of the epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, clinical, laboratory and radiological features, new diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, and treatment of SS.

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