Evaluation of the SVOne: A Handheld, Smartphone-Based Autorefractor

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PurposeThe SVOne is a portable Hartmann-Shack wavefront aberrometer that can be attached to a smartphone to determine the refractive error of the eye objectively. The aim of the present study was to compare the findings of the SVOne with retinoscopy, subjective refraction, and two commercially available autorefractors (Topcon KR-1W and Righton Retinomax-3).MethodsRefractive error was assessed both with and without cycloplegia in 50 visually normal, young adults using the five techniques described above. Further, to assess repeatability of the instruments, the entire procedure was repeated in a subgroup of 10 subjects. All data were analyzed in terms of power vectors (M, J0, and J45).ResultsNo significant difference was observed between the mean values of M (spherical equivalent) for the different techniques. However, a significantly higher mean value of precyclopegic J0 was recorded for the SVOne, which also had the highest limits of agreement for both the J0 and J45 astigmatic components. Retinoscopy and subjective refraction showed the best repeatability (in terms of M values) for precycloplegic and postcycloplegic measurements, respectively. High and significant linear correlations were observed between the subjective findings and the other four techniques.ConclusionsThe results indicate that the SVOne handheld aberrometer provides measurements of refractive error in normal, young individuals that are not significantly different from other subjective and objective procedures. This instrument is valuable for vision screenings, as well as examinations taking place outside the clinical office. It may also serve as an adjunct in the standard optometric examination.

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