68Ga-NODAGA-RGDyK PET/CT Imaging in Esophageal Cancer: First-in-Human Imaging

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68Ga-NODAGA-RGDyK(cyclic) and FDG PET/CT were performed in a 39-year-old man for the work-up of a moderately differentiated carcinoma of the gastro-esophageal junction within a clinical study protocol. Although FDG PET images showed intense, diffuse hypermetabolic lesion activity, NODAGA-RGDyK illustrated the neo-angiogenesis process with tracer uptake clearly localized in non–FDG-avid perilesional structures. Neo-angiogenesis is characterized by ανβ3 integrin expression at the lesion surface of newly formed vessels. This case supports evidence that angiogenesis imaging might therefore be a crucial step in early disease identification and localization, metastatization potential, and in monitoring the efficacy of antiangiogenic therapies.

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