Asthma guidelines: the Global Initiative for Asthma in relation to national guidelines

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Purpose of reviewTo compare and contrast national asthma guidelines with the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) strategy for asthma management and prevention.Recent findingsThe common goal of GINA and national asthma guidelines is to improve asthma care using the best evidence available from published data. This evidence-based approach has evolved from an initial perspective of expert opinion but with that evolution has not always considered the breadth of asthma phenotypes. GINA and national guidelines differ in a number of ways. GINA reviews available data and updates the core document and recommendations based on the latest data on a yearly basis to offer local, regional and national guidelines materials needed for knowledge mobilization. It remains the purview of those organizations to structure and implement those locally appropriate guidelines.SummaryBoth GINA and national guidelines have furthered asthma care to narrow the care gap from what is known to how asthma care is delivered, hopefully in a more directed, personalized manner. As well, both GINA and national guidelines have helped to shape the direction of research for the future benefit of children and their families.

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