Proteome-Wide Protein Expression Profiling Across Five Pancreatic Cell Lines

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ObjectivesMass spectrometry–based proteomics enables near-comprehensive protein expression profiling. We aimed to compare quantitatively the relative expression levels of thousands of proteins across 5 pancreatic cell lines.MethodsUsing tandem mass tags (TMT10-plex), we profiled the global proteomes of 5 cell lines in duplicate in a single multiplexed experiment. We selected cell lines commonly used in pancreatic research: CAPAN-1, HPAC, HPNE, PANC1, and PaSCs. In addition, we examined the effects of different proteases (Lys-C and Lys-C plus trypsin) on the dataset depth.ResultsWe quantified over 8000 proteins across the 5 cell lines. Analysis of variance testing of cell lines within each data set resulted in over 1400 statistically significant differences in protein expression levels. Comparing the data sets, 10% more proteins and 30% more peptides were identified in the Lys-C/trypsin data set than in the Lys-C–only data set. The correlation coefficient of quantified proteins common between the data sets was greater than 0.85.ConclusionsWe illustrate protein level differences across pancreatic cell lines. In addition, we highlight the advantages of Lys-C/trypsin over Lys-C–only digests for discovery proteomics. These data sets provide a valuable resource of cell line–dependent peptide and protein differences for future targeted analyses, including those investigating on- or off-target drug effects across cell lines.

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