The ins and outs of endocytic trafficking in platelet functions

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Purpose of review

Although platelet endocytosis has been recognized in granule cargo loading and the trafficking of several platelet surface receptors, its acute physiological relevance is poorly understood as is its mechanism. The present review discusses the current understanding of platelet endocytosis and its implications for platelet function.

Recent findings

Recent studies are beginning to identify and define the proteins that mediate platelet endocytosis. These studies have shown that platelets contain different endosomal compartments and may use multiple endocytic routes to take in circulating molecules and surface proteins. The studies have also shown that platelet endocytosis is involved in several aspects of platelet function such as signaling, spreading, and granule cargo loading.


Mechanistic studies of platelet endocytosis have shown it to be not only involved in granule cargo loading but also in various other platelet functions important for hemostasis and beyond.

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