Indications of cholecystectomy in gallstone disease

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Purpose of reviewRecent studies showed new insights in the indication and timing of cholecystectomy in gallstone disease. This review will provide an overview.Recent findingsConsiderable variations in indication for gallbladder surgery have been noticed leading to a significant number of unnecessary cholecystectomies. As a consequence, up to 33% of patients with uncomplicated symptomatic gallstone disease have persistent abdominal pain after cholecystectomy. On the other hand, studies showed that certain patients with acute cholecystitis, common bile duct stones and biliary pancreatitis benefit from same admission instead of delayed cholecystectomy.SummaryA critical view on indications for cholecystectomy in patients with uncomplicated symptomatic gallstone disease prevents unnecessary cholecystectomies. In patients with mild-to-moderate complicated symptomatic gallstone disease, same-admission cholecystectomy reduces the risk of recurrent complications.

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