Examination of the enhanced recovery guidelines in thoracic surgery

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Purpose of reviewEnhanced Recovery After Thoracic Surgery (ERATS) has gained momentum over the past few years, although the evidence base and expert recommendations lag behind other specialties. This review will present and examine key points from the first guidelines for enhanced recovery after lung surgery, released in 2018, jointly sponsored by the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Society.Recent findingsThe recently released guidelines present core components of enhanced recovery as they pertain to lung resection surgery. Although evidence is still sparse in some areas, the guidelines summarize the available literature and incorporate levels of recommendation based upon the strength of available data as well as expert consensus. As of yet, the relative contribution of individual ERATS components to improvement in outcomes is unclear, but overall compliance does seem to be linked to positive results. Since the creation of the guidelines, additional literature related to ERATS has been released, and it will be incorporated and discussed into our review.SummaryThe creation of guidelines for enhanced recovery after lung resection will provide the thoracic anesthesiologist a framework upon which to build a comprehensive perioperative anesthetic plan.

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