Parotid ductal stenosis after facial cosmetic surgery (2 case reports)

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Rationale:Facial cosmetic surgery sometimes causes complications involving surrounding tissues. In particular, parotid damage may cause fibrous tissue formation, ductal stenosis, and obstruct salivary flow. Affected patients usually complain of symptoms such as pain and swelling.Patient concerns:The authors report 2 cases of obstructive parotitis, arising as a complication of facial cosmetic surgery that were treated successfully using sialendoscopic procedures.Diagnosis:A diagnosis of parotid ductal stenosis was made based on medical history, clinical manifestations, imaging studies, and sialendoscopic findings for the 2 patients.Interventions:The successful sialendoscopic procedures was given to the 2 patients.Outcomes:The 2 patients have shown no recurrent symptoms during follow-up.Lessons:Surgeons that perform facial cosmetic procedures should attain a thorough knowledge of the surgical anatomy of the parotid region and sialendoscopic procedure may be helpful for the management of obstructive parotitis due to complication of cosmetic surgery.

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