State of the Unit: Physician Gender Diversity in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Leadership

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Gender disparities in leadership are receiving increased attention throughout medicine and medical subspecialties. Little is known about the disparities in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. In this piece, we explore gender disparities in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine physician leadership. We examine physician leadership in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education fellowship programs, as well as a limited sample of major Pediatric Critical Care Medicine textbooks and societies. Overall, the gender composition of division directors is not significantly different from that of workforce composition, although regional differences exist. More women than men lead fellowship programs, at a higher ratio compared with workforce composition. However, greater gender disparities are present in editorial leadership in this limited analysis. We conclude by recommending potential paths forward for further study and intervention, such as tracking gender diversity and being cognizant of the unique challenges that women currently experience in professional advancement.

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