Quality assurance in medical education.

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Many people have an interest in the quality of medical education. Students have the right to as good an education as possible, and the public has the right to well-educated and well-trained general physicians and specialists. Therefore, a medical school or faculty must ensure its quality and is accountable for the quality of the training it provides. This paper emphasizes that the best way to ensure quality is by continuous attention to it. Quality depends not on measurement instruments and tools but rather on the spread of quality awareness among faculty, staff, and students. A tool for safeguarding quality is the design of a well-functioning quality assessment system, based on two pillars: a system of internal quality control and external assessment by peers. The connection between the internal and external assessments is the self-evaluation by the school. On the one side, this self-evaluation is a critical self-analysis and an agenda for improvement. On the other side, it contains information for the external reviewers. The peer review also provides input for the process of improvement.

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