Novel methods for device and adherence monitoring in asthma

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Purpose of reviewThe article aims to provide an updated and evidence-based review of the innovative electronic health interventions to monitor and improve inhaler technique and adherence to recommended therapy in asthma.Recent findingsOut of the 290 articles identified by the search strategy, 23 manuscripts fulfilled the review inclusion criteria. Included studies mainly addressed m-health, electronic reminders, telemedicine, and inhaler tracker interventions. Investigations were performed both in adults and children. Remarkably, the majority of studies were performed in the most recent years, showing a progressively increasing interest for this field. Existing findings appear to be of moderate–high quality. A significant number of papers, however, were published in scientific journals with a low impact factor (<2). Furthermore, extremely high heterogeneity was found in the considered study endpoints. Collected evidence supports a relevant role for e-health in monitoring and improving inhaler use and treatment adherence in asthma. The patients’ acceptance and satisfaction towards assessed interventions were also found to be positive.SummaryE-health represents a highly valuable tool for achieving optimal and personalized asthma management. Unanimously agreed and adopted standards for conducting trials and reporting results on e-health in asthma are however needed to fully understand its real added value.

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