APOM-project: a first study of pharmacy organization and management

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In 1994, a Ph.D.-study started regarding pharmacy, organization and management (APOM) in the Netherlands. The APOM-project deals with the structuring and steering of pharmacy organization. This article describes a summary of the theoretical background of the project and the empirical results of a pilot study (n = 24). No generalization to the population of pharmacies in the Netherlands was made. Three mixes of objectives in pharmacy organization were theoretically postulated; the product mix, the process mix, and the customer mix. Mainly, the purpose of the pilot study was method selection. Additionally, it was studied if thought and action of pharmacy managers corresponded, and, if theoretical pharmacy mixes corresponded with the empirical pharmacy mixes. Two methods were selected to be applied in a survey. Thought and action did not correspond for most pharmacy managers. Thought related to customer and product mainly, and action related to process and customer mainly.

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