Developing Equitable Primary Health Care in Conflict-Affected Settings: Expert Perspectives From the Frontlines

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Health systems are frequently among the casualties of conflict. Within these settings, increased knowledge is needed on how to rebuild and strengthen health infrastructure resilience, such as primary health care (PHC) systems, in context-specific ways that promote health equity. Therefore, this study aimed to explore perspectives of experts with experience working on frontlines of social crises to contribute to understandings of pathways toward equitable PHC in conflict-affected settings. Semistructured qualitative interviews with 18 expert participants were completed. Through engaging elements of grounded theory situational analysis, three themes emerged iteratively, including (a) Building Blocks, (b) Intermediating Factors, and (c) a Roadmap. These emergent themes contribute to conceptual frameworks explaining key contextually specific priorities, challenges, and facilitating factors for developing resilient health infrastructures under social crises. Findings inform policy and practical guidelines that address complexities of conflict conditions and underscore the importance of PHC development toward promoting health as a human right.

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