Integrating a Patient-Controlled Admission Program Into Mental Health Hospital Service: A Multicenter Grounded Theory Study

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Patient-controlled admissions (PCAs) enable mental health patients by means of a contract to initiate an admission at a mental health hospital unit without using traditional admission procedures. This study was part of a 3-year Danish multicenter project, and we explored how mental health professionals experienced and managed the implementation of a PCA program. The methodology was grounded theory and the sample included 26 participants. We performed a constant comparative analysis to explore the concerns, attitudes, and strategies of mental health professionals. We developed a model of how the mental health professionals strived to integrate PCA into clinical practice. The process was motivated by the idea of establishing a partnership with patients and involved two interrelated strategies to manage (a) the patient-related duties and (b) the admission contracts. The professionals moved from a phase of professional discomfort to a phase of professional awareness, and ended up with professional comprehension.

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