Elements : in this month's issue
Predictive genetic testing for complex diseases : a public health perspective
Clinician approach to diagnosis of stress fractures including bisphosphonate-associated fractures
Increased aryl hydrocarbon receptor expression in patients with allergic rhinitis
Psychological burden in inpatient relatives : the forgotten side of medical management
Plasma exchange induces vitamin D deficiency
Prognostic impact of systemic inflammatory diseases in elderly patients with congestive heart failure
Oncogenic osteomalacia, raised FGF-23, and renal Fanconi syndrome
Recurrence of digoxin toxicity following treatment with digoxin immune fab in a patient with renal impairment
An unusual case of anomalous origin of the right coronary artery and hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia
Shock whilst gardening—implantable defibrillators & lawn mowers
Oesophageal perforation due to swallowing of a dental prosthesis
Airway compromise in a special situation—relapsing polychondritis
Giant aortic aneurysm in Marfan syndrome
Glucagonoma with necrolytic migratory erythema exhibiting responsiveness to subcutaneous octreotide injections
Left main coronary artery aneurysm
Multiple skin metastases of malignant melanoma
A hook in the esophagus
Wall-eyed bilateral inter nuclear ophthalmoplegia with vertical gaze palsy
My medical practice : mentors and perspectives
Quantity or quality? Implications for postgraduate medical training system in China