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Call for Papers
Introduction : Developing Physician Leadership in Quality Improvement
Knowledge for Improvement : Who Will Lead the Learning?
A Curriculum for Training Quality Scholars to Improve the Health and Health Care of Veterans and the Community at Large
Finding the Target : Getting Started with Quality of Care and Health Services Research
Improving the Effectiveness of Physician Participation in Local Quality Improvement Efforts
Anthrax Attacks and Practice Patterns : A Learning Opportunity for Health Care Systems
Applying the Theory of Constraints in Health Care : Part 1—The Philosophy
Baldrige-Based Quality Awards : Veterans Health Administration's 3-Year Experience
Quality Improvement as an Investment
Exploring the Academic Context for Quality Improvement : A Scientific Discipline in Need of a Career Path
The VA National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program : Current Status, Future Directions
Medication Safety and Cost Recovery : A Four Step Approach for Executives
Clinical Risk Management : Enhancing Patient Safety