The Affordable Care Act and Its Effects on Physician Leadership: A Qualitative Systematic Review

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Objectives:The Affordable Care Act (ACA) shifted the focus in medical care from quantity to quality. This qualitative systematic review aimed to determine the key skills necessary for effective physician leaders after the implementation of the ACA, and to compare them with key skills identified prior to its implementation.Methods:A qualitative systematic review was conducted. A systematic literature search on leadership skills for physicians returned 26 articles published between 2009 and 2016. Thematic analysis was used to categorize the data presented in each article. The results from the thematic analysis were then compared with a similar article published before the implementation of the ACA.Results:Teamwork and team-building, communication, and self-awareness skills were mentioned most often. The percentage of articles mentioning teamwork and team-building skills (61.5%) was significantly greater than the percentage (25%) reported before the implementation of the ACA (P ≤ .04).Conclusion:With the shift toward quality of patient care, health care workers at all levels should strive to work as a team to provide the best quality of care at all stages of patient care.

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