Extraction and Sorption Preconcentration of U(VI), Th(IV), and REE(III) from Nitric acid Solutions Using Amine-Substituted Tetraarylethylenediphosphine Dioxides

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Extraction of U(VI), Th(IV), and REE(III) from HNO3 solutions in the form of complexes with amine-substituted tetraarylethylenediphosphine dioxides was studied. The effect of substituents at the P atoms in the extractant molecule on its extraction ability was examined. The stoichiometry of the extractable complexes was determined. The possibility of preconcentration of U(VI), Th(IV), and REE(III) with the complexing sorbent prepared by noncovalent immobilization of the examined extractants on a polymer matrix was demonstrated.

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