Application of Radioactive Tracer Technique to Study the Kinetics and Mechanism of Reversible Ion-Isotope Exchange with Strongly Basic Anion-Exchange Resin Indion-850

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The kinetics of reversible bromide ion-isotope exchange with Indion-850 resin was studied in the concentrations range from 0.0025 to 0.100 M and the temperature varied from 27.0 to 48.0°C. Two sets of experiments were performed: exchange of the inactive resin in the bromide form with the bromide solution spiked with 82Br tracer and exchange of the labeled resin with an inactive bromide solution. For both forward and reverse bromide ion-isotope exchange reactions, the rate constants, amount of bromide ions exchanged, and initial rate of bromide ion exchange were calculated. The rate constants of the forward and reverse reactions are essentially equal. In both cases, the amount of bromide ion exchanged and the initial rate of bromide ion exchange increase with temperature.

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