Interaction of Methanesulfonic Acid with Actinide Ions. The New Complexes HImid[Np(C2O4)(CH3SO3)3(H2O)2], [NpO2(Terpy)(CH3SO3)(H2O)]•2H2O, and [UO2(CH3SO3)2(H2O)]

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Complexation of methanesulfonic acid with Np(IV), Np(V), and U(VI) ions in aqueous solutions was studied. New crystalline compounds HImid[Np(C2O4)(CH3SO3)3(H2O)2] (I), [NpO2(Terpy)(CH3SO3)•(H2O)]•2H2O (II), and [UO2(CH3SO3)2(H2O)] (III) were isolated. The absorption spectra of all the compounds in the IR, visible, and UV ranges were examined. The relationship between the composition, crystal structure, and IR and electronic absorption spectra of the complexes is discussed.

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