Synthesis and Properties of Liquid Luminophores Based on the POCl3-BiCl3-MClx System

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Stable BiCl3-containing solutions of phosphorus oxychloride, activated with UO22+ and Nd3+ ions, can be prepared only in the presence of another Lewis acid MClx. The electronic absorption spectra of the liquids prepared and the decay times of the Nd3+ luminescence are characteristic of individual solutions based on POCl3-MClx. The radiation-chemical yield of Nd3+ in the excited state 4F3/2 in POCl3-BiCl3-MClx-235UO22+-Nd3+ solutions upon homogeneous excitation with uranium α-particles is lower than in POCl3-MClx-235UO22+-Nd3+ solutions at comparable component concentrations. Apparently, Bi3+ in solutions based on the POCl3-BiCl3-MClx system is not incorporated in neodymium- and/or uranyl-containing complexes and remains in the matrix.

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