Synthesis and Properties of Laser-Active Liquids POCl3–SbCl5–235UO22+–Nd3+

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The effect of the synthesis conditions on the properties of inorganic laser-active liquids POCl3-SbCl5-235UO22+-Nd3+ is considered. The kinetic dependences of the U(IV) content and decay time of the Nd3+ luminescence in POCl3-SbCl5-235UO22+-Nd3+ solutions for various synthesis procedures at 380 K have been obtained. In POCl3-SbCl5-235UO22+-Nd3+ solutions, nonradiative energy transfer Nd3+ → U4+ is observed, and quenching of the Nd3+ luminescence is described by the Stern-Volmer law: kq = (6.4 ± 0.6) × 105 l mol−1 s−1. Laser liquids POCl3-SbCl5-235UO22+-Nd3+ with neodymium concentration of up to 0.7 M, uranyl concentration of up to 0.1 M, and decay time of the Nd3+ luminescence of up to 220 μs have been prepared for the first time.

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