Sorbents for Treatment of Water Vapor-Air Flows to Remove Volatile Organic Compounds of Radioactive Iodine

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Sorption of CH3131I from water vapor-air medium on Fizkhimin and Siloksid inorganic sorbents and on SKT-3I activated carbon was studied. The sorption power of Fizkhimin, Siloksid, and SKT-3I sorbents toward CH3131I was examined (1) after their 20-h contract with water, followed by removal of the liquid phase and drying at 110°C; (2) after 4-h treatment with steam (95–98°C), followed by drying at 25°C; (3) after keeping for 9 months in 100% humid air at ambient temperature of 10 to 45°C; and (4) after treatment with a water vapor-air flow (95–98°C, 60–80 vol % water vapor) for 2 h. In most cases, Fizkhimin sorbent and SKT-3I activated carbon preserve high sorption efficiency toward CH3131I from water vapor-air flow.

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