Immobilization of radioactive waste in mixture of cement, clay and polymer
Extraction and separation of uranium, plutonium and americium from MOX fuel rejected waste and analytical phosphoric acid based waste using organophosphorus extractants
Direct astatination of a tumour-binding protein, human epidermal growth factor, using nido-carborane as a prosthetic group
Stability of L-[S-methyl-11C]methionine solutions*
Migration mechanisms of 237Np and 241Am through loess media
Removal of complexed mercury by dithiocarbamate grafted on mesoporous silica
Measurement of radon exhalation rate from soil samples of Garhwal Himalaya, India
Rapid radiochemical analysis of 131I in environmental samples using a well-type Ge-detector
Study of particle size distribution and formation mechanism of radioactive aerosols generated in high-energy neutron fields
The k0-method in cold-neutron prompt gamma-ray activation analysis
Behavior of uranium under various redox conditions in a shallow brackish lake
Epithermal instrumental neutron activation analysis for the determination of gold and arsenic in Ghanaian gold tailings using conventional and anti-coincidence counting
Epithermal instrumental neutron activation analysis with Compton suppression spectrometry for the determination of iodine in food samples
A study on the hydrolytic behavior of thorium (IV) and dioxo-uranium(VI) in the absence and presence of fluoride ions
Preparation and characterization of a Mexican organo clinoptilolite-heulandite mineral and its evaluation for the sorption of cadmium and cobalt
A new analytical method for 32P
X-ray fluorescence analysis of medieval gold coins and jewellery
Natural radioactivity levels in river, stream and drinking water of the northwestern areas of Pakistan
Arsenic in drinking water and in scalp hair by EDXRF
Separation of carrier-free 111In, 116,117Te and 116,116m,117Sb from a 11B-induced silver target
Separation of carrier-free 95Tc from alpha-irradiated natural niobium
Adsorption of UO2 2+, Tl+, Pb2+, Ra2+ and Ac3+ onto polyacrylamide-bentonite composite
Dose assessment around the Yatagan coal-fired power plant due to gross alpha-radioactivity levels in flying ash
Phenocrysts in obsidian glasses
An improved synthesis of S-benzoyl mercaptoacetyltriglycine as BFCA and the labeling of IgG with carrier-free 188Re
Mercury removal from aqueous and organo-aqueous solutions by natural Mexican erionite
Radon exposure and lung cancer
Absolute fission yields in the fast neutron induced fission of 233U by track etch combined with gamma-ray spectrometry
Quick analytical method for the determination of iodide and iodate ions in aqueous solutions
Radionuclides of 210Po, 234U and 238U in drinking bottled mineral water in Poland
Optical dating of the hydroponic farm at Korea
14 MeV neutron activation analysis of gold jewellery
Extraction of barium by using nitrobenzene solution of cesium dicarbollylcobaltate in the presence of 15-crown-5
SuperLig® 644 resin accelerated aging study
Determination of the 54Fe(n, 2n)53gFe and 54Fe(n, 2n)53mFe cross sections averaged over a 235U fission neutron spectrum