Interaction of americium(III) with humic acid over wide pH region
Radioiodination, biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of berberine in mice
Rhenium measurements on North Atlantic seaweed samples by ID-ICP-MS
A 212Pb generator for model experiments on aqueous chemistry of element 114
Estimation of radiation doses associated with natural radioactivity in sand samples of the north western areas of Pakistan using Monte Carlo simulation
Adsorption of neodymium ions on activated charcoal from aqeous solutions
Determination of actinides in samples obtained during dismantling activities
Sorption of Pu(IV) on macroporous bifunctional phosphinic acid resin from uranium analytical waste solution
Preparation and stability of rhenium [188Re] sulfide suspension with different particle size distributions
Comparison of the decay-rate parameter of the luminescence signal generated by various laboratory radiation doses
Association of uranium with colloids of natural organic matter in subsurface aquatic environment
Bleeding evaluation of the stationary phase from a few novel macroporous silica-substrate polymeric materials used for radionuclide partitioning from HLLW in MAREC process
Uranium(VI) extraction by Winsor II microemulsion systems using trialkyl phosphine oxide
Film autoradiography used for hot particle identification
Adsorption and desorption of Am(III) on calcareous soil and its parent material
Application of backscattering spectrometry for composition and thickness determination of zirconium oxide layers on autoclaved zircaloy
Sorption of uranium and thorium from sulphuric acid using TVEX-PHOR resin
Crack-free, thick rhodium deposition on copper substrate using Rhodex solution
Metal levels and foraminifera occurrence in sediment cores from Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Preparation and biodistribution in mice of 99mTc-DTPA-b-cyanocobalamin
99mTc-exorphin C
Heavy metal inputs in Northern Patagonia lakes from short sediment core analysis
Optimum aluminum absorber thickness of a small X-ray irradiator for equivalent dose determination
Half-life of 97Zr, re-measured
A facile synthesis of 4,6-dimethoxy-[2-14C]-2-methylsulphonylpyrimidine
Production and chemical separation of 48V
Instrumental neutron activation analysis in geochemistry
New gamma-rays in 101Ru following the decay of 101Tc
Skeletal calcium/phosphorus ratio measuring techniques by neutron activation and X-ray absorptiometry