The radioactivity of building materials
Hydrogen generation in nitric acid solutions of plutonium
Radionuclides used for therapy and suggestion for new candidates
Comparison of bauxites from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Suriname
Enhanced indoor radon concentration by using radon-rich well water in a Japanese wooden house in Fukuoka, Japan
Radon and tritium measurements in drinking water in a region of central Italy (Umbria)
Optimization of the preparation conditions of radioiodoepidepridea
Radionuclide uptake in red macroalgae from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
Sorption and desorption of Eu(III) on alumina
Solvent extraction studies on the complexation of palladium with alpha benzoin oxime
Extraction of palladium from nitric acid medium by commercial resins with phosphinic acid, methylene thiol and isothiouronium moieties attached to polystyrene–divinylbenzene
Measuring extremely low levels of daily urinary Th excretions in adult German population
Synthesis of DTPA-attached estradiol derivative and determination of its radiopharmaceutical potential
Global fallout levels of 99Tc and activity ratio of 99Tc/137Cs in the Pacific Ocean
Field alpha-spectroscopy of radon (222Rn) and actinon (219Rn) progeny in soil gas
Characterization of ceramics from the archaeological site of San Miguel Ixtapan, Mexico State, Mexico, using NAA, SEM, XRD and PIXE techniques
Extraction of Sm(III), Gd(III) and Ho(III) ions with picrolonic acid in methylisobutylketone
Gamma activation analysis of marine sediments at Havana Bay, Cuba
Extraction of microamounts of strontium from water into 1-trifluoromethyl-3-nitrobenzene using hydrogen heptachlorodicarbollylcobaltate in the presence of PEG 400
Separation of microamounts of strontium from calcium in the two-phase water–nitrobenzene extraction system
Conversion of endohedral 133Xe-fullerene to endohedral 133Xe-fullerenol to be used in nuclear medicine
A radioanalytical technique for measurement of beta-glucuronidase activities
Preparation of tritiated fluorenone and fluorenol
Effect of different arrangements of point source, aluminum absorber and detector on mass absorption coefficient of beta-particles
Mössbauer studies of iron(III)-(indole-3-alkanoic acids) systems in frozen aqueous solutions
Influence of the intermolecular interaction on photo-induced spin-transition of [Fe(R-pap)2]X
‘E a-δ rule’ applied to the crystallization study of gallate and vanadate glasses
Mössbauer and XRD investigation of electrodeposited Fe, Co and Fe-Co alloys using a gluconate plating process
Mössbauer study on the CMR double perovskite AFe0.5Mo0.5O3with A = (Ba,Sr) or (Sr,Ca)
Mössbauer study of LaNiSn and NdNiSn compounds and their deuterides
Reason for line broadening in emission Mössbauer spectra