On the detection of rare, and moderately rare, nuclear events
Characteristic limits in radioactivity measurement : From Currie's definition to the international standard ISO-11929 publication
Bayesian analysis for very-low-background counting of short-lived isotopes : Lowest minimum detectable quantity
Computer code for detection limits and type II errors with unequal sample and blank counting times
Development of a transportable system for radionuclide analysis
An orthogonal design of experiment/exploratory data analysis for plutonium contamination
Searching a robust reference value from intercomparison exercise data : Seaweed radionuclide Standard Reference Material (SRM4359)
Protocol for uncertainty assessment of half-lives
In-field management of spectrometric data in radiological threat and emergency
Radioanalytical data quality objectives and measurement quality objectives during a Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center response
Accreditation to ISO 17025 : 2005 for the Radioactivity Metrology Group of the UK's National Physical Laboratory
Determination of 90Sr in preparedness : Optimization of total analysis time for multiple samples
Prompt determination of evacuee radiation dose from a nuclear event
A robust, field-deployable method for the electrodeposition of actinides
Draft radioanalytical water and soil performance testing : Uncertainty acceptance criteria derived from historical mixed-analyte performance evaluation program results
Use of thin collodion films to prevent recoil-ion contamination of alpha-spectrometry detectors
Contribution to the development of atmospheric radioxenon monitoring
Comparison of MCNP and experimental measurements for an HPGe-based spectroscopy portal monitor
Performance evaluation of spectral deconvolution analysis tool (SDAT) software used for nuclear explosion radionuclide measurements
Documentation of a model action plan to deter illicit nuclear trafficking
Gamma-ray signatures for state-of-health analysis and monitoring of widely-arrayed radiation portal monitor systems
Multi-point radiation monitor
Uranium detection using small scintillators in a maritime environment
Detection limit improvements forecasted at CTBTO IMS radionuclide stations based on size separation of aerosols by aerodynamic diameter
Source injection distribution functions for alarm algorithm testing
Performance of UNISAMPO-SHAMAN with gamma-ray spectra containing known traces of fission products
Testing and provisional operation of the IMS radionuclide monitoring network
Nuclear, chemical, and physical characterization of nuclear materials
Characterization of depleted uranium oxides fabricated using different processing methods
Fission product ratios as treaty monitoring discriminants
Analysis of IAEA environmental samples for plutonium and uranium by ICP/MS in support of international safeguards
Electrodeposition of technetium on platinum for thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS)
History of the plutonium bioassay program at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1944–2006
Evaluation of a new generation quadrupole-based ICP-MS for uranium isotopic measurements in environmental samples
Evaluation of measurements of 238Pu, 239Pu and 240Pu in urine at the microbecquerel level using thermal ionization mass spectrometry and alpha-spectrometry at Los Alamos National Laboratory : Results of a two year comparison test (LA-UR-06-8055)
Radiochemistry as a tool in RIB studies
Atom-at-a-time studies of the transactinide elements
Preparation of a one-curie 171Tm target for the detector for advanced neutron capture experiments (DANCE)
Applications of solvent extraction in the high-yield multi-process reduction/separation of Eu from excess Sm
Preparation of 235mU targets for 235U(n,n′)235mU cross section measurements
Actinide targets for neutron cross section measurements
Preparation of americium targets for nuclear chemistry experiments at DANCE