210Po in the diet at Seville (Spain) and its contribution to the dose by ingestion

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The activity concentrations of 210Po have been determined in a total of 24 representative diet samples from Seville (south of Spain), inferring from the obtained values the annual intakes of 210Po by ingestion of the affected population and the corresponding committed effective doses. The annual intakes of 210Po and, consequently, the corresponding doses of this radionuclide show a high variability in correspondence with the variability in the composition of the analysed samples over time, and their magnitude is comparable with the estimated ones in other regions/countries of the world with similar diet habits (countries where the marine products have a considerable weight in the diets). Committed effective doses by ingestion higher than 0.1 mSv y−1 have been estimated exclusively for 210Po, reflecting the importance of this radionuclide and this route of incorporation in the magnitude of the total doses received by the affected population from natural sources.

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