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Early Living on the High Plains—Problems and Challenges
Invasive Weeds on Range and Farmlands—Problems, Causes, and Solutions
Environmental History of the High Plains
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Litter Decomposition in Semiarid Grassland of Inner Mongolia, China
Can Shallow Plowing and Harrowing Facilitate Restoration of Leymus chinensis Grassland? Results From a 24-Year Monitoring Program
Grazing Density Effects on Cover, Species Composition, and Nitrogen Fixation of Biological Soil Crust in an Inner Mongolia Steppe
Grazing Intensity on Vegetation Dynamics of a Typical Steppe in Northeast Inner Mongolia
Response of Seed Germination and Seedling Growth to Sand Burial of Two Dominant Perennial Grasses in Mu-Us Sandy Grassland, Semiarid China
Differences in Net Primary Productivity Among Contrasting Habitats in Artemisia ordosica Rangeland of Northern China
Are Natural Resources Conservation Service Range Management Investments Working at Cross-Purposes With Wildlife Habitat Goals on Western United States Rangelands?
Fine-Scale Spatial Genetic Structure in Perennial Grasses in Three Environments
Nutritive Quality of Highbush Blackberry ( Rubus argutus ) Exposed to Tropospheric Ozone
Assessment of Best-Management Practice Effects on Rangeland Stream Water Quality Using Multivariate Statistical Techniques
Conservation for a New Generation.