ACE-inhibitors - safety in asthma suggested
Call for legal surveillance of herbal medicines in Hong Kong
Do psychotropic drugs increase injury risk in the elderly?
Pravastatin-depression link disputed
Postvaccination illness may not necessarily be related to the vaccine
Once-daily felodipine as effective and better tolerated than twice-daily nifedipine.
Amiodarone : Adverse effects in heart transplant recipients: clinical study
Investigation before implication
Hazards of BNF recommendation endorsed
Amoxicillin : First report of intertriginous skin eruption: 2 case reports
Care required in prescribing lysozyme-containing products
Bezafibrate : Renal failure: case report
Bromazepam : First report of dystonia: case report
Astemizole overdose : Torsade de pointes: case report
Amphotericin B : Bradycardia: case report
Bleomycin : Persistent Raynaud's phenomenon with intralesional administration: case report
Bromocriptine : Myocardial infarction: case report
Antineoplastics : Cognition disorders: incidence study
Ciprofloxacin : Lack of arthropathy in children: 2 case reports
Cloxacillin : First report of platelet dysfunction and multisystem haemorrhage in an elderly patient: case report
Buprenorphine abuse : Presence of buprenorphine and metabolite in urine: incidence study
Bupivacaine : Ventricular fibrillation following inadvertent injection: case report
Colchicine overdose : Adverse effects treated with Fab antibodies: case report
Colchicine overdose : Treatment with Fab antibodies: case report
Corticosteroids : Osteonecrosis of the femoral head in heart transplant recipients: incidence study
Cyclosporin : Chorea: case report
Desipramine : Stuttering and jaw myoclonus: case report
Dobutamine : First report of fever in an elderly patient: case report
Desmopressin : Hyponatraemia and seizures in a child: case report
Dipivefrine : Contact dermatitis and conjunctivitis in an elderly patient: case report
Cytarabine : Myelopathy, encephalopathy and seizures in adolescents: 2 case reports
Doxorubicin : Fatal liver failure: case report
Enalapril + hydrochlorothiazide : Renal failure: case report
Fenoverine : Rhabdomyolysis in an elderly patient: case report
Felbamate interaction : Adverse effects with concomitant methsuximide in adolescents: 3 case reports
Fluconazole : Dysmorphogenesis?: case report
Fluoxetine : Exacerbation of Parkinson's disease: 4 case reports
Herbal medicine : Renal failure: 2 case reports and incidence study
Haloperidol : Panic attacks: case report
Doxorubicin/daunorubicin : Ventricular late potentials in children: incidence study
Heparin : Thrombocytopenia and thrombosis: case report
Hydroxycarbamide : Nail disorders in an elderly patient: case report
Interferon alpha : Hypertriglyceridaemia in an elderly patient treated with gemfibrozil: case report
Insulin overdose : Hypoglycaemia with persistent endogenous insulin secretion: case report
Methylenedioxymetamphetamine : Panic disorder: case report
Levobunolol : Contact dermatitis following ophthalmic administration: case report
Interleukin 2 + interferon alpha 2B : Neurological and psychiatric disorders: incidence study
Isoflurane/vecuronium bromide : Reversible sensorimotor neuropathy in a patient with acute severe asthma: case report
NSAIDs : Caecal diaphragm: case report
Midazolam withdrawal : First report of flashbacks, perceptual disturbances and pseudo-hallucinations: case report
NSAIDs : Segmental ischaemic colitis: 2 case reports
Nystatin : Contact dermatitis in an elderly patient: case report
Morphine : Respiratory insufficiency following intrathecal administration in an elderly patient: case report
Mometasone : Hypersensitivity: incidence study
Mivacurium chloride : Prolonged neuromuscular block in a child with pseudocholinesterase deficiency: case report
Oral contraceptives : Breast cancer: incidence study
Perphenazine : Priapism: case report
Vancomycin : Stevens-Johnson syndrome in an elderly patient: case report
Piperazine : First report of angioneurotic oedema in a patient with ethylenediamine sensitivity: case report
Silicone oil : Subconjunctival extravasation following vitreoretinal surgery: case report
Vitamins : Behavioural disorders in children after maternal administration?: incidence study