It may be more useful to assess NSAID dosage on a mg/kg basis,
High-dose corticosteroids accelerate AV conduction,
OTC application for naproxen rejected
Remoxipride - well tolerated in schizophrenia
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A partial solution to steroid-induced osteoporosis
Large study confirms safety of lisinopril
Cyclosporin/ketoconazole interaction could be beneficial.
Quinidine relabeling suggestions
Fatal tricyclic overdose - the Norwegian perspective
TCA overdose common in the UK
Drug information often inadequate
Acebutolol overdose : Nosocomial pneumonia: case report
Amphetamine withdrawal : Depression: case report
Allopurinol : Fatal bone marrow aplasia: case report
Azathioprine : First report of soft tissue sarcoma: case report
ACE inhibitors : Cough: incidence study
Antineoplastics : Myeloid leukaemia in children: incidence study
Aspirin : Haemorrhage following transurethral prostatectomy: clinical study
Cisplatin : Lack of increased renal dysfunction with concomitant aminoglycosides: incidence study
BCG : Arthritis following intravesical administration: 4 case reports
Ceftriaxone : Agranulocytosis: 2 case reports
Bendroflumethiazide : Renal vasculitis in an elderly patient: case report
Captopril : Severe dysgeusia: case report
Chlorhexidine : Anaphylaxis in an elderly patient: case report
Cyclophosphamide : Cancer: incidence study
Deferoxamine/doxorubicin : Ocular toxicity: clinical study
Corticosteroids : First report of triceps tendon rupture after local injection: case report
Etoposide : Hypersensitivity in children with Hodgkin's disease: incidence study
Clindamycin/primaquine : Adverse effects: incidence study
Fluoxetine : Hyponatraemia secondary to inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion in an elderly patient: case report
Foscarnet : First report of congestive heart failure: case report
Fluorouracil/calcium folinate : Seizures: 4 case reports
Halofantrine : QT interval prolongation and suspected torsade de pointes: case report
Halofantrine : First report of torsade de pointes: case report
Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor : Splenomegaly: case report
Measles, mumps and rubella virus vaccine : Aseptic meningitis: incidence study
Ifosfamide : Fanconi's syndrome: clinical study
Minocycline : Skin pigmentation: case report
Insulin human : Hypersensitivity requiring prolonged desensitisation: case report
Muromonab CD3 : Adverse effects: incidence study
Methylphenidate : Adverse effects: incidence study
Human growth hormone : Increased growth of melanocytic naevi: clinical study
Paclitaxel : Intestinal perforation: 4 case reports
Penicillamine : Myasthenia with concomitant tricyclic antidepressants: 4 case reports
NSAIDs : Adverse effects: incidence study
Streptokinase : Anaphylaxis: case report
Propranolol : Migraine-related infarct: 2 case reports
Zonisamide : Psychotic disorders?: 8 case reports
Sulfasalazine : Agranulocytosis: case report
Triamcinolone : Arthropathy in an elderly man: case report
Tryptophan : Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome: 8 case reports
Thalidomide : CNS disorders: clinical study
Vancomycin : Skin disorders: incidence study