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Nicotinic acid too toxic for OTC use
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Ketoconazole interacts with tolbutamide.
Alteplase : Haemorrhagic shock: case report
Amikacin/gentamicin : Macular infarction after intravitreal injection: 5 case reports
Amiodarone : First report of fetal ventricular septal defect following in utero exposure: case report
ACE inhibitors : Lack of increased risk of asthma: incidence study
Anaesthetics : Subdural haematoma after epidural anaesthesia: case report
Antineoplastics : Congenital disorders in children of fathers treated for testicular cancer: incidence study
Antipsychotics : Pancytopenia: case report
Captopril/enalapril : Hypoglycaemia in patients with diabetes: 3 case reports
Carbamazepine interaction : Increased plasma levels leading to nausea and vomiting with concomitant fluvoxamine: 3 case reports
Anistreplase : Fatal respiratory distress syndrome: case report
Cimetidine/famotidine : Hepatitis (first report with famotidine): case report
Beta blockers : Conjunctivitis and eyelid oedema after ophthalmic administration: case report
Clebopride : Parkinsonism and tardive dyskinesia in an elderly patient: case report
Cisplatin : First report of exfoliative dermatitis and ischaemia: case report
Clodronic acid/etidronic acid : Asthma in aspirin-sensitive patients: 2 case reports
Clozapine : Sedation treated with methylphenidate: 2 case reports
Clozapine : Increased susceptibility to bacterial infections?: case report
Diazepam : First report of arterial spasm: case report
Droxicam : Cholestasis: case report
Droxicam : Hepatitis: 2 case reports
Diltiazem : First report of skin rash with cross-sensitivity to amlodipine: case report
Cotrimoxazole : Clostridium difficile colitis: 2 case reports
Filgrastim : Pyoderma gangrenosum: case report
Ergotamine : Fetal distress: case report
Heparin/acenocoumarol : Haematoma: case report
Fluorouracil : Heart disorders: 3 case reports
Foscarnet : Tetany: case report
Interleukin 4 : Heart disorders: case report
Floxuridine/pirarubicin : Lymphoblastic leukaemia: case report
Midazolam : Athetosis of the lower limbs during epidural anaesthesia reversed by physostigmine in elderly patients: 2 case reports
Oral contraceptives : Ovarian cysts: incidence study
Methotrexate : Pneumonitis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: incidence study
Mefloquine : CNS disorders: case report
Paroxetine withdrawal : CNS and GI disorders: 3 case reports
Ketorolac : Kidney disorders after IM administration?: case report
Nicotinic acid : Liver disorders: 4 case reports
Mesalazine : Fatal aplastic anaemia in an elderly patient: case report
Isoflurane withdrawal : Hallucinations and seizures in a child: case report
Oral contraceptives : Cerebral thrombosis: 2 case reports
Pentamidine : Transient diabetes mellitus?: case report
Phenolphthalein abuse : Hypokalaemic rhabdomyolysis: case report
Pentoxifylline : Recurrence of panic attacks in an elderly patient: case report
Penicillamine : Myasthenia gravis with urinary incontinence in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis: case report
Polidocanol : Cerebral ischaemia: case report
Phenprocoumon : Dysmorphogenesis: case report
Penicillamine : Glomerulonephritis in an elderly patient: case report
Streptokinase : Jaundice: case report
Quinine : Liver disorders in an elderly patient: case report
Simvastatin : Lack of increased risk of cataracts: incidence study
Valproic acid : Fanconi's syndrome in a child: case report
Ticlopidine : Bone marrow aplasia: case report
Terfenadine : Fixed erythema in an elderly patient: case report
Urokinase : Fever: case report
Tiaprofenic acid : Cystitis: 7 case reports