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Clozapine : Hypertension: case report
Alendronic acid : Oesophageal stricture: case report
Didanosine : Retinal disorders: 2 case reports
Fluvoxamine : First report of exacerbation of Raynaud's disease: case report
Herbal medicine : Pneumonia in an elderly patient: case report
Fluvoxamine : Anorgasmia: case report
Indomethacin : Congestive heart failure in a fetus following in utero exposure: case report
Ketorolac : Asthma following ophthalmic use: case report
Lamotrigine : Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 3 case reports
Pentazocine : First report of polymyositis: case report
Mesalazine : Acute pancreatitis: case report
Morphine : First report of Guillain Barré syndrome and arachnoiditis following epidural analgesia?: case report
Nitric oxide : Methaemoglobinaemia: case report
Theophylline interaction : Increased plasma concentrations with concomitant fluvoxamine in an elderly patient: case report
Quinidine : Lupus in an elderly patient: case report
Sodium cromoglycate : Anaphylaxis in a child: case report
Ranitidine : Bradycardia in a patient with dextrocardia: case report
Tretinoin : Cerebellar haemorrhage: case report