VAERS data reaffirm safety of hepatitis A vaccine
Media publicity about the possible adverse effects of MMR vaccine* may have reduced uptake
Cisapride warning issued in the US
Mortality not increased in selegiline recipients
Antipsychotic-induced dystonia can be problematic
It may be wise to screen patients at high risk* for renovascular disease
Cyclophosphamide increases risk of bladder cancer in multiple sclerosis
Topical tetracaine 'safe'
Ropinirole compares favourably with other dopamine agonists
In utero exposure to misoprostol associated with Möbius syndrome
Cisplatin/methotrexate/vinblastine : First report of pituitary apoplexy in an elderly patient?: case report
Azathioprine : Hypersensitivity: case report
Ceftriaxone : Haemolytic anaemia, hepatitis and first report of erythroblastopenia in an elderly patient: case report
Azathioprine/cyclosporin/methylprednisolone : First report of hydatidiform mole?: case report
Fluticasone propionate : Adrenal suppression: 2 case reports
Clarithromycin : Clostridium difficile colitis: case report
Fluconazole interaction : Hypercalcaemia with concomitant rifampicin: case report
Cyclosporin interaction : First report of decreased blood concentration with concomitant troglitazone: case report
Methotrexate : Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a child: case report
Mesalazine : Lupus in an elderly patient: case report
Isosorbide dinitrate : First report of exacerbation of hemifacial spasm in an elderly patient: case report
Hepatitis B vaccine recombinant : First report of subacute thyroiditis?: case report
Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors/indinavir : Cardiovascular disorders: 3 case reports
Mibefradil interaction : Cardiogenic shock and myocardial infarction with concomitant β-blockers and dihydropyridine calcium antagonists: 4 case reports
Protease inhibitors : Coronary disorders: 3 case reports
Pentostatin : First report of rheumatoid arthritis in a patient with large granulocyte lymphocyte leukaemia: case report
Probenecid : Hypersensitivity: case report
Protease inhibitors : Atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolaemia: 2 case reports
Tamoxifen : Endometrial stromal sarcoma: 2 case reports
Thyroxine overdose : Hypertension and agitation in a child: case report
Tacrolimus interaction : First report of increased blood concentration with concomitant chloramphenicol: case report
Simvastatin interaction : First report of rhabdomyolysis with concomitant mibefradil in an elderly patient: case report
Ticlopidine : Lymphocytic colitis and diarrhoea: 3 case reports
Tolcapone : First report of confusion in elderly patients: 3 case reports
Tretinoin : Retinoic acid syndrome: case report
Warfarin interaction : First report of increased international normalised ratio with concomitant troglitazone: case report
Zafirlukast : Churg-Strauss syndrome: case report