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Cidofovir : Nephrotoxicity and anterior uveitis: 8 case reports
Alglucerase : First report of hepatocellular carcinoma: case report
Doxepin : Allergic contact dermatitis following topical application: case report
Fluticasone propionate abuse : Cushing's syndrome following inhaled administration: case report
Imipramine : Skin pigmentation: 4 case reports
Hepatitis B vaccine recombinant : Eczema: case report
Flecainide overdose : Adverse effects in an elderly patient: case report
Fosfomycin : First report of metabolic acidosis in an elderly patient: case report
Etidronic acid : First report of hallucinations and confusion in an elderly patient: case report
Iopromide : Hallucinations in elderly patients: 2 case reports
Lactose : Fixed drug eruption following injections of botulinum toxin: case report
Methadone interaction : Respiratory depression with concomitant fluvoxamine: case report
Immunosuppressants : Bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia associated with Pneumocystis carinii infection: case report
Paclitaxel : First report of atrial fibrillation: case report
Nelfinavir/saquinavir : Lipodystrophy treated with liposuction: case report
Pamidronic acid : Hypocalcaemia: 3 case reports
Pranlukast : First report of Churg Strauss syndrome: case report
Pyrazinamide : First report of lichenoid photodermatitis: case report
Tacrolimus : Thrombotic microangiopathy in renal transplant recipients: 2 case reports
Zafirlukast : First report of lupus in a child: case report
Riluzole : First report of pancreatitis in an elderly patient: case report
Tiagabine : First report of thrombocytopenia: case report