A 'Dear Healthcare Professional' letter regarding important safety information for valdecoxib
GlaxoSmithKline stops salmeterol study
Gefitinib: AstraZeneca questions link with interstitial lung disease
Sanofi-Synthelabo has discontinued a phase III trial of dronedarone in high-risk patients,
A new US FDA guidance requires pharmaceutical companies to integrate race and ethnicity data
Medsafe New Zealand withdraws 11 Chinese medicines
An unapproved new drug labelled to contain several prescription medicines is being recalled
Gene therapy trials halted due to leukaemia-like disorder
Olanzapine, but not risperidone, associated with hyperlipidaemia
Ibuprofen is better tolerated than aspirin and as well tolerated as paracetamol
Genotype-directed therapy worth it in azathioprine-treated patients
Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) does not appear to compromise disease-free survival (DFS) in women with a history of breast cancer,
Valproic acid treatment in epileptic women is associated with an elevated risk of ovulatory failure,
Topiramate may be useful for the treatment of SSRI-induced weight gain,
Tamoxifen decreases breast cancer risk but with side effects
The risk of invasive lobular breast cancer is elevated in women receiving combined HRT,
Increased ADR risk with paediatric off-label prescriptions
The addition of sirolimus to cyclosporin and prednisone treatment may increase the incidence of lymphoceles
Lamotrigine-associated serious rash appears to be rare,
Carboplatin : Coronary spasm in an elderly patient: case report
Botulinum toxin B : Blepharoptosis: case report
Bupivacaine : Sinus tachycardia following accidental IV administration: case report
Captopril : Systemic lupus erythematosus: case report
Benziodarone overdose : First report of acute uric acid nephropathy in a renal transplant recipient: case report
Acenocoumarol : Fetal disorders: case report
Abciximab : Thrombocytopenia: case report
Cisplatin/cytarabine/dexamethasone : Sarcoidosis (first report with cytarabine): case report
Chlormezanone : First report of acute confusional syndrome in an elderly patient: case report
Celecoxib : First report of collagenous colitis in an elderly patient: case report
Clobenzorex : First report of acute hepatitis: case report
Cefdinir : First report of neutropenia in an elderly patient: case report
Etanercept : Lung injury: case report
Etanercept : Mycobacterium marinum tenosynovitis: case report
Cyclosporin : Gingival hyperplasia: case report
Didanosine/nelfinavir/stavudine : Nodular pneumocystosis: case report
Docetaxel : Radiation recall dermatitis: case report
Fludarabine : Chronic myeloid leukaemia in an elderly patient: case report
Factor VIII inhibitor bypassing fraction : Fatal thrombosis: case report
Fluvastatin : First report of acute pancreatitis: case report
Fluorouracil : Coronary spasm: case report
Infliximab : Fatal disseminated tuberculosis: case report
Gemcitabine : Pneumonitis in an elderly patient: case report
Imatinib mesylate : First report of cardiac tamponade: case report
Infliximab : Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: case report
Gentamicin : Systemic contact dermatitis: case report
Methylprednisolone sodium succinate : Hypersensitivity: case report
Metronidazole : Fixed drug eruption: case report
Interferon-α : Autoimmune hepatitis: case report
Interferon-α-2b/ribavirin : Interstitial pneumonia
Methylprednisolone sodium succinate : Anaphylaxis: case report
Moclobemide withdrawal : Flu-like symptoms: case report
Oxaliplatin : First report of necrotising panniculitis following inadvertent extravasation: case report
Omeprazole : Iron deficiency anaemia: case report
Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors : Liver mitochondriopathy: 4 case reports
Ornidazole : First report of aseptic meningitis in an elderly patient: case report
Pioglitazone : Cholestatic jaundice: case report
Oxetorone : First report of lymphocytic colitis: case report
Piperacillin : Immune haemolytic anaemia: 2 case reports
Phenytoin : Reversible panhypogammaglobulinaemia: case report
Sertraline : Akathisia and dystonia: case report
Rituximab : Aplastic anaemia secondary to parvovirus infection: case report
Prednisolone : Glaucoma in a child following topical administration: case report
Spironolactone : First report of photosensitivity: case report
Tamoxifen : Fatal endometrial cancer: case report
Tamoxifen : Uterine carcinosarcoma: 5 case reports
Vincristine interaction : Interaction with concomitant itraconazole leading to neurotoxicity in a child: case report
Varicella vaccine : Varicella zoster virus infection in a liver transplant recipient: case report
Thalidomide : Venous thrombosis: 2 case reports
Streptomycin : Anaphylaxis following topical exposure: case report
Yellow fever vaccine : Encephalitis and multiple organ failure: 6 case reports