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The development of acute hyponatraemia is common in patients treated with terlipressin for severe GI bleeding due to portal hypertension,
Adalimumab : Granulomatous Salmonella osteomyelitis: case report
Alcohol : Coma following intentional ingestion of hand sanitiser in a child: case report
Alemtuzumab : Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in an elderly patient: case report
Alcohol : Intoxication after ingestion of hand sanitiser in children: 2 case reports
Allopurinol/azathioprine/mercaptopurine : Viral infections (first report of meningitis with allopurinol) and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia: 5 case reports
Alteplase : Fatal cardiac rupture in an elderly patient: case report
Alendronic acid : Jaw osteonecrosis: 2 case reports
Alendronic acid : Femoral fracture: 2 case reports
Amfetamine mixed salts : First report of haemorrhagic stroke: case report
Amisulpride : Oculogyric crisis: case report
Amiodarone/azathioprine : Ventricular arrhythmia leading to fatal circulatory collapse in an elderly patient?: case report
Alteplase/irbesartan interaction : Orolingual angioedema in an elderly patient (first report of an interaction): case report
Amitriptyline overdose : Brugada ECG pattern: case report
Antineoplastics : First report of renal cell carcinoma?: 2 case reports
Amrubicin/cisplatin/nedaplatin : Haematological toxicities, herpes zoster (first report with amrubicin and nedaplatin) and NSVT (first report with amrubicin and nedaplatin): 6 case reports
Aripiprazole : Mania and hypomania: 3 case reports
Aripiprazole : Various toxicities in paediatric patients: 8 case reports
Antiretrovirals/antituberculars/BCG vaccine : BCG infection, hepatotoxicity and IRIS in an infant?: case report
Atomoxetine overdose : QTc interval prolongation: case report
Aspirin/clopidogrel/low molecular weight heparins : Iliac artery aneurysm rupture causing sciatica in an elderly patient: case report
Atropine : Polymorphic ventricular tachycardia: Case report
Atorvastatin : Acute pancreatitis: case report
BCG/bisoprolol/rifampicin : BCG-induced tuberculosis, and bisoprolol/rifampicin interaction leading to hypertension and arrhythmia, in an elderly patient: case report
Azathioprine : Acute myeloid leukaemia: case report
Azathioprine : Liver injury: case report
Baclofen overdose : Coma: case report
Bupropion abuse : Generalised seizures: case report
Bleomycin : Flagellate dermatitis: case report
Bisacodyl/polyethylene glycol : Small bowel obstruction: case report
Bromisoval/lorazepam overdose : Heart arrest and death: case report
Capecitabine : Hyperpigmentation: case report
Calcifediol/calcium polystyrene sulfonate/teriparatide/trimethoprim : Hypercalcaemia (first report with calcium polystyrene sulfonate) and hyperkalaemia in elderly patients: 5 case reports
Carisoprodol/phenobarbital : First report of partial Parinaud's syndrome following carisoprodol overdose: case report
Ceftazidime/tobramycin/vancomycin : Leucopenia: case report
Cefradine : Acquired factor V inhibitors and haemorrhagic shock leading to death in an elderly patient: case report
Ceftriaxone : Agranulocytosis: case report
Cefotiam/levofloxacin/prednisolone : Pseudomembranous colitis in an elderly patient with ulcerative colitis: case report
Citalopram/risperidone interaction : Serotonin syndrome in an elderly patient: case report
Chlorpromazine : Gynaecomastia: case report
Ciprofloxacin : Leucopenia and thrombocytopenia: case report
Cevimeline overdose : Diaphoresis, nausea, vomiting and somnolence: case report
Cotrimoxazole : Hypoglycaemia in an elderly patient: case report
Cyclophosphamide/methotrexate : Pneumothorax and pulmonary fibrosis: case report
Cotrimoxazole : Severe septic shock: case report
Colchicine overdose : Cardiomyopathies: case report
Dextromethorphan abuse : Altered mental status and hypertension in an adolescent: case report
Diphenhydramine overdose : Wide-complex tachycardia in an infant: case report
Dimeticone : Bilateral granulomatous uveitis in an elderly patient: case report
Efavirenz/lamivudine/stavudine : Paradoxical immune reconstitution syndrome with abdominal tuberculosis in a child?: case report
Doxorubicin/ifosfamide/immunosuppressants : Dilated cardiomyopathy, kidney tubular damage and BK-virus nephropathy in an child: case report
Endostatin : First report of interstitial pneumonia: case report
Duloxetine : First report of lymphocytic colitis in an elderly patient: case report
Enoxaparin sodium/heparin : Thrombocytopenia treated with fondaparinux sodium: case report
Entecavir : First report of gynaecomastia: case report
Enoxaparin sodium : Spinal haematoma and paralysis in an elderly patient: case report
Erlotinib : Liver failure and hepatorenal syndrome: case report
Etanercept : Pustular psoriasis: case report
Ergotamine/erythromycin interaction : Paraesthesia and ergotism: case report
Flecainide overdose : Cardiovascular disorders treated with intravenous soya oil emulsion: case report
Formaldehyde : Chemical burn: case report
Ferrous sulfate : Pseudomelanosis ilei: case report
Ferric carboxymaltose/tacrolimus : Severe hypophosphataemia: case report
Fosinopril : Angioedema, treated with icatibant: case report
Hydroxycarbamide : Acute myocardial infarction: case report
Glipizide overdose : Hypoglycaemia treated with octreotide in an infant: case report
Hydroquinone : Exogenous ochronosis: case report
Fumarates : Organising pneumonia: case report
Ibandronic acid : Bilateral femoral fractures in an elderly patient: case report
Ifosfamide : Encephalopathy treated with thiamine: case report
Idursulfase : Infusion reactions: 3 case reports
Ibuprofen overdose : Transient regional ST elevation: case report
Infliximab : Psoriaform rash: case report
Iloprost : First report of thrombocytopenia: case report
Immune globulin : Acute coronary syndrome: case report
Lamotrigine overdose : Prolonged encephalopathy: case report
Isotretinoin : Encephalopathy: case report
Infliximab withdrawal/antituberculars : Immune reconstitution syndrome leading to prolonged paradoxical reaction: case report
Levofloxacin : Radiation recall dermatitis: case report
Lamotrigine overdose : Seizure-like activity in an infant: case report
Lenograstim : Leukocytoclastic vasculitis (first report) in paediatric patients: 2 case reports
Lamotrigine overdose : Various toxicities: case report
Levamisole : Neutropenia in a cocaine user: case report
Levonorgestrel : Symphysiolysis-like pelvic pain with intrauterine system: case report
Lidocaine overdose : Generalised tonic-clonic convulsions following inadvertent overdose: 2 case reports
Levofloxacin/ofloxacin : Toxic epidermal necrolysis: case report
Magnesium sulfate : Muscle weakness and respiratory insufficiency: case report
Measles mumps and rubella virus vaccine : Partial third nerve palsy in an infant: case report
Magnesium sulfate : Severe hypermagnesaemia in a child: case report
Measles virus vaccine live : Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome and myeloradiculoneuropathy: case report
Methadone : Syncope-like symptoms: 4 case reports
Mesalazine : Interstitial nephritis and renal failure: case report
Metformin : Hepatotoxicity: case report
Metandienone/nandrolone decanoate : Gynaecomastia: 2 case reports
Metformin overdose : Lactic acidosis: case report
Methadone overdose : Cerebellitis in a child: case report
Methenamine hippurate : False test results: 2 case reports
Methazolamide : Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis: 5 case reports
Methadone overdose : Seizures in a child: case report
Methylthioninium chloride/sertraline/venlafaxine interaction : Serotonin syndrome: 2 case reports
Miconazole/warfarin interaction : Elevated INR after vaginal cream: case report
Minocycline : First report of eosinophilic gastroenteritis: case report
Morphine/naltrexone abuse : Acute opioid withdrawal after crushing: case report
Minoxidil abuse : Hypotension: case report
Mirtazapine : Hallucinations: 3 case reports
Oseltamivir : Bradycardia: 2 case reports
Palifermin : Hyperkeratosis: case report
Oseltamivir : Development of neuraminidase inhibitor resistance in influenza A virus H1N1 subtype: case report
Oseltamivir/sotalol interaction : First report of an interaction, leading to torsades de pointes: 2 case reports
Paracetamol overdose : Vomiting, tinnitus and death: 2 case reports
Papaverine : Fatal cardiac arrest following intracisternal administration: case report
Pantoprazole : Henoch-Schoenlein purpura in an elderly patient: case report
Paracetamol overdose : Hepatic injury: case report
Paracetamol/diphenhydramine overdose : Fatal cardiotoxicity from diphenhydramine: case report
Paroxetine : Galactorrhoea: case report
Phenobarbital : Fixed drug eruption: case report
Peginterferon-α-2a : Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis: case report
Phenytoin : Hypersensitivity syndrome manifesting as acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis: case report
Piperacillin/tazobactam : Generalised non-convulsive status epilepticus: case report
Poliovirus vaccine live oral : Paralytic poliomyelitis in an infant: case report
Pramocaine overdose : Hallucinations in a child: case report
Propofol : Microcephaly, seizures, brain disorders and mental disorders in infants: 3 case reports
Prednisone : Osteonecrosis of the knee: case report
Propafenone : Profuse oral secretions and respiratory distress in neonates: 3 case reports
Pregabalin overdose : Generalised tonic-clonic seizures: 2 case reports
Rifabutin : Uveitis with hypopyon: case report
Propranolol : Diarrhoea in infants: 3 case reports
Risperidone : Hypersedation: case report
Rituximab : First report of Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection: case report
Rosuvastatin/sildenafil interaction : First report of an interaction, leading to rhabdomyolysis in an elderly patient: case report
Rituximab : Neutropenia: 9 case reports
Sodium bicarbonate : Metabolic alkalosis: case report
Sunitinib : First report of bursitis: 2 case reports
Sitagliptin : Haemolysis: case report
Sorafenib : Various toxicities in an elderly patient: case report
Sunitinib : Various toxicities: case report
Temozolomide : Bone marrow aplasia in elderly patients: 2 case reports
Sunitinib : Pyoderma gangrenosum: case report
Suxamethonium chloride : Prolonged recovery in a patient with acquired pseudocholinesterase deficiency: case report
Terlipressin : Various toxicities (first report for oliguria, and heart arrest): 15 case reports
Temozolomide : First report of urticarial hypersensitivity: case report
Triptorelin : Polymyositis (first report) and vasculitis: case report
Topiramate : Cognitive impairment in patients with learning disorders: 2 case report
Valsartan : Skin eruption followed by pseudolymphoma in an elderly patient: case report
Valproic acid overdose : Various toxicities: case report
Vandetanib : Photosensitivity in an elderly patient: case report
Verapamil overdose : Hyperglycaemia preceded by haemodynamic instability: case report
Venlafaxine overdose : Fatal delayed cardiotoxicity: case report
Venlafaxine overdose : Cardiogenic shock and abdominal compartment syndrome: case report
Voriconazole : Fluorosis: case report
Zidovudine overdose : Elevated lactate levels in a neonate: case report
Voriconazole : Periostitis in transplant patients: 3 case reports
Voriconazole : Multifocal nodular periostitis in an elderly patient: case report
Zoledronic acid : Jaw osteonecrosis in elderly patients: 4 case reports
Zolpidem overdose : Coma with absent brainstem reflexes: case report