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Afamelanotide : Lentigines and nevi: case report
Abatacept : Retropharyngeal abscess: case report
Adalimumab : Disseminated superficial porokeratosis: case report
Alcohol/buprenorphine interaction : Death following alcohol consumption and intranasal abuse of buprenorphine: 3 case reports
Allopurinol/antibacterials : Toxic epidermal necrolysis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and bullous erythema multiforme: 4 case reports
Aluminium hydroxide/magnesium hydroxide/doxycycline interaction : Lack of efficacy in scrub typhus in an elderly patient (first report of an interaction): case report
Antineoplastics : Dermatitis, dysgeusia (first report for carboplatin) and stomatitis (first report for trastuzumab) in patients with vitamin D deficiency: 2 case reports
Amitriptyline overdose : Supraventricular tachycardia, seizures, hypotension and unconsciousness in an infant: case report
Amiodarone/ciprofloxacin/erythromycin : Torsade de pointes: case report
Amlodipine/sunitinib : Toxic psychosis: 2 case reports
Antiparkinsonians withdrawal/herbal medicines : Striatal hands: case report
Antipsychotics/venlafaxine : Paralytic ileus (first report with clonazepam, fluphenazine, levomepromazine and venlafaxine): 3 case reports
Bevacizumab : Sterile endophthalmitis following intravitreal administration in an elderly patient: case report
Barbexaclone abuse : Drug dependence and exacerbated anxiety disorders: case report
BMP-2 : First report of pleural effusion: 4 case reports
Aspirin/diclofenac interaction : Haemoptysis: case report
Bevacizumab : Exacerbation of cerebral radiation necrosis: case report
Budesonide : Cataracts in a child: case report
Botulinum toxin A : Transient elevations of serum TSH in an elderly patient: case report
Bortezomib/erythromycin interaction : First report of renal failure in an elderly patient: case report
Calcium hydroxylapatite : Vocal fold polyp: case report
Calcium polystyrene sulfonate : Intestinal necrosis in an elderly patient: case report
Ceftriaxone/calcium carbonate : Biliary pseudolithiasis in children: 3 case reports
Ciprofloxacin/nicotine : Kounis syndrome: 2 case reports
Clobetasol : Cushing syndrome and adrenal insufficiency in an infant: case report
Ciprofloxacin : Hepatotoxicity: 2 case reports
Clozapine : Acute myeloid leukaemia: 4 case reports
Corticosteroids/rituximab : Diabetes mellitus: case report
Cyclophosphamide/methotrexate/prednisolone : Persistent herpes zoster in an elderly patient: case report
Cytarabine/granulocyte colony-stimulating factors/idarubicin : Myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukaemia: case report
Dapsone/metronidazole : Skin disorders: 2 case reports
Dexamethasone : Phaeochromoctoma crisis: case report
Dexamethasone withdrawal : Steroid toxicity: case report
Deferasirox : Constipation: case report
Dexamethasone/lenalidomide : Neutropenia in an elderly patient: case report
Doxorubicin : Late cardiotoxicity in an adolescent: case report
Docetaxel/trastuzumab : Thrombotic microangiopathy: case report
Docetaxel : Erythema following extravasation, leading to recall dermatitis: case report
Ferrous gluconate/ferrous sulfate : Yersinia enterocolitica bacteraemia in an elderly patient: case report
Epinephrine/propranolol interaction : Severe hypertensive events: 6 case reports
Ebastine/fexofenadine : Urticaria: case report
Fluconazole/posaconazole/tretinoin : GI and hepatic toxicity (first report for an interaction between tretinoin and posaconazole): case report
Filgrastim : Hypoxia, hypotension and heart failure: case report
Fluorouracil : Seizures following subconjunctival administration in an elderly patient: case report
Ginkgo biloba : Cerebral bleeding: case report
Fluoxetine : Death following in utero exposure: 2 case reports
Gadopentetic acid : Deterioration of renal insufficiency in an elderly patient: case report
Hyaluronidase : Hypersensitivity: 3 case reports
Haloperidol/olanzapine : Movement and cognition disorders in a patient with normal pressure hydrocephalus: case report
Imiquimod : Psoriasis in an elderly patient: case report
Infliximab : Sepsis?: case report
Hydroxyapatite : Cerebrospinal fluid leak: 2 case reports
Isotretinoin : Paronychia and pyogenic granuloma: case report
Ketoconazole/simvastatin interaction : Rhabdomyolysis leading to acute renal failure: case report
Ioxaglate sodium : Immediate hypersensitivity leading to heart arrest: case report
Irbesartan/hydrochlorothiazide/quetiapine interaction : Hypotension: case report
Levamisole : Neutropenia, vasculopathic purpura: case report
Lidocaine : Blindness: case report
Linezolid/serotonin uptake inhibitors interaction : Serotonin syndrome: 2 case reports
Magnesium oxide : Bezoar formation, leading to rectal obstruction in an elderly patient: case report
Mecasermin/somatrem/somatropin : Metabolic disorders in children with 7.6-kb GH1 gene deletion: 2 case reports
Methylprednisolone : Bronchial candidiasis and pulmonary aspergillosis: case report
Methylphenidate : Death: case report
Mepivacaine/ropivacaine : Agitation, seizures and tachycardia, treated with soya oil emulsion: case report
Metronidazole : Fixed drug eruption following vaginal administration: case report
Nitrofurantoin : Allergic contact dermatitis followed by Kaposi's varicelliform eruption: case report
Olanzapine : Tardive dyskinesia: case report
Olanzapine overdose : Decreased level of consciousness in a child: case report
Oral contraceptives/progesterone : Various toxicities: 6 case reports
Phentermine : Reversible posterior leucoencephalopathy syndrome (first report) leading to intracranial haemorrhage: case report
Phenylephrine : Type IV hypersensitivity following intranasal administration: case report
Prasterone/somatropin : First report of tendon rupture: case report
Plerixafor : Injection site reaction in a child: case report
Prednisone : Poor maxilla bone quality in an elderly patient: case report
Rabies vaccine/tetanus vaccine : Rheumatoid arthritis: case report
Ritonavir/tadalafil interaction : First report of an interaction, leading to priapism: case report
Rituximab : Immunodysregulatory ileocolitis in an elderly patient: case report
Ritonavir : Acute kidney injury: case report
Ropivacaine : Horner's syndrome and hemidiaphragmatic paresis: 2 case reports
Rituximab : Serum sickness: case report
Sirolimus : Lymphatic obstruction and lymphoedema: case report
Sirolimus : Renal dysfunction in transplant recipients: 2 case reports
Sirolimus/tacrolimus : First report of moyamoya disease?: case report
Sodium hypochlorite : Root canal complications: case report
Sorafenib/sunitinib/temsirolimus : Various toxicities: 19 case reports
Tacrolimus : Autoimmune cytopaenia?: 6 case reports
Trabectedin : Tumour progression: 2 case reports
Tretinoin/voriconazole interaction : Pseudotumour cerebri: case report
Temozolomide : Nausea: case report
Topiramate : Angle closure glaucoma: case report
Verteporfin : First report of punctal-canalicular stenosis in an elderly patient: case report
Vancomycin : Eosinophilic peritonitis following intraperitoneal administration: case report
Warfarin : Intracranial haemorrhage: 4 case reports