New One-Stage Nerve Pedicle Grafting Technique Using the Great Auricular Nerve for Reconstruction of Facial Nerve Defects
Free Fillet Flap of the Hand for Elbow Preservation in Nonreplantable Forearm Amputation
Free “Kite” Flap
Big-Toe Replantation in a Three-Month-Old Child
An Ideal and Versatile Material for Soft-Tissue Coverage
Impact of Epineurial Excision of the Distal Recipient Nerve in Terminolateral Neurorrhaphy
Irrigation Pressure and Vessel Injury During Microsurgery
Evaluation by Scintigraphy of Hindlimb Ischemia in a Rat Model
Message from the Program Chair
End-to-Side Neurorrhaphy for Sensory Reinnervation of Radial Forearm Flaps Used for Defects after Tumor Resection in the Palm
Follow-Up on Sensory Recovery in Patients with Neurotube Reconstruction of Proximal Median and Ulnar Nerve Injuries
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Repair
Immuno-Magnetic-Based Method for Rapid Isolation of Multi-Potent Stem Cells for Applications in Neuromuscular Regeneration
Diazoxide Ameliorates Microcirculatory Disturbances and Downregulates L-selectin Expression in Ischemia/Reperfusion-Injured Rat Cremaster Muscle through a PKC-Dependent Pathway
Inhibition of iNOS Promotes the Motor Functional Recovery in Reperfused Peripheral Nerve
Intraoperative Electromyography to Predict Neurolysis Results in Peripheral-Nerve Injury
One-Stage Gracilis Transfer for Reanimation of Chronic Facial Nerve Palsy
Clinical Application of Functioning Free Muscle Transplantation in Late Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy
Adenosine Is Not the Initiating Factor for Remote Ischemic Preconditioning
Octyl 2-Cyanoacrylate for Repair of the Peripheral Nerve
Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery System Is the Warehouse for Lower-Limb Functional Reconstruction
Peripheral Nerve Compression Due to Intraneural Hematoma
Peripheral Nerve Regeneration through Alginate Gel
Regulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Ischemic Preconditioning of Muscle Flaps in a Rat Model
Effects of iNOS Inhibitor and NO Donor on Contractile Function in Reperfused Skeletal Musclce
Effects of nNOS Selective Inhibition on the Microcirculation of Denervated Skeletal Muscle During Reperfusion
Pathophysiology of Traumatic Vascular Spasm
Lateral Oromandibular Defect
Salvage of Silicone-Treated Facial Deformities Using Microsurgical Free Flaps
Scalp Reconstruction
Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer for Massive, Complex Head and Neck Defects
Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Cocaine-Injured Nose
Functional Reconstruction of Large Lower Lip Defects without Microstomia while Maintaining Oral Competence and Animation
An Objective Protocol to Quantify Physiologic Swallowing Deficits and to Assess Functional Outcomes Following Oropharyngeal Reconstruction
Role of the Ulnar Forearm Free Flap in Oromandibular Reconstruction
Maxillary Reconstruction with the Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous Free Flap and Simultaneous Insertion of Ossseointegrated Dental Implants
Reverse Design of the Ileocolon Flap for Simultaneous Reconstruction of the Cervical Esophagus and Voice Tube
Tumescent Liposuction of Free Flaps
Superficial Temporal Artery/Vein as Recipient Vessels for Head and Neck Microsurgical Reconstruction
Essential Factors for Successful Reconstruction of Voice Function with Bowel Transfer
Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer for Treatment of Osteoradionecrosis of the Maxilla
Scalp Reconstruction with Free Flap Tissue Transfer
Craniofacial Reconstruction with the Anterolateral Thigh Flap
Predictors of Perioperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Free Tissue Transfer for Head and Neck Reconstruction
Microvascular Reconstruction of the Orbito-Maxillary Complex—A Soft-Tissue Molding
Temporoparietal Fascia Flap
Tissue-Engineered Bone in a Prefabricated Capsular Flap
Is Preoperative PEG or Gastrostomy Tube Placement Necessary in all Patients who Undergo Pharyngoesophageal Reconstruction with Microvascular Jejunal Transfer?
Effects of Preoperative Radiation Therapy on Outcomes in Microsurgical Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction
Thymic Dependence of Tolerance in Vascularized Composite Tissue Allografts under Cyclosporine A and ab-T-cell Receptor Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
New Method of Stem and Early Progenitor Cell Transplantation in Limb Allografts
Combined abTCR + CsA Immunosuppressive Therapy Prolongs the Survival of Vascularized Skin Allografts Across a Strong MHC Mismatch Barrier
Composite Face/Scalp Allograft Transplantation in a Rat Model
Effectiveness of the Bone Marrow Component of a Lower Hindlimb Allograft in Inducing Hemopoietic Chimerism in a Murine Limb Allotransplantation Model
Effect of Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplantation on Chimerism in Composite Tissue Allografts