Long-Term Outcomes of Flap Transfer for Treatment of Intractable Venous Stasis Ulcers in the Lower Extremity
Combination of Hypoglossal-Facial Nerve Jump Graft by End-to-Side Neurorrhaphy and Cross-Face Nerve Graft for the Treatment of Facial Paralysis
Noninvasive Tissue Oximetry for Flap Monitoring
The Role of Donor Site Angiography before Mandibular Reconstruction Utilizing Free Flap
Magnetic Resonance Angiography for Free Fibula Flap Transfer
One-Segment Double Vascular Pedicled Free Jejunum Transfer for the Reconstruction of Pharyngoesophageal Defects
Venae Comitantes as a Source of Vein Grafts
Microsurgical Reconstruction for Radiation Necrosis
Shock Wave Therapy Reduces Necrotic Flap Zones and Induces VEGF Expression in Animal Epigastric Skin Flap Model