Routine Pathological Evaluation of Neuroma Specimens
The Proximally Designed Sural Flap Based on the Accompanying Artery of the Lesser Saphenous Vein
Partial Failure of a Muscle Perforator Free Flap Salvaged Using Its Source Vessel as a “Flow-Through” Pedicle to a Second Perforator Free Flap
First Aid for Failing Flaps
Use of an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Circuit as a Bridge to Salvage a Major Upper-Extremity Replant in a Critically Ill Patient
Minocycline Inhibits Apoptotic Cell Death in a Murine Model of Partial Flap Loss
The Radial Artery Superficial Palmar Branch Flap
Dominance between Angiosome and Perforator Territories
Supporting Facial Transplantation with the Pillars of Bioethics
Combined Laparoscopic and Microsurgical Techniques for Testicular Autotransplantation
New Insight into an Old Paradigm